The True Purpose of Making Music

We’re just on the other side of a whirlwind of activity leading up to the release of our last album – ‘Just for Fun’.  Planning, checklists, details, chart writing . . . . usually the kind of thing that would ‘take the fun out of’ a project.

And yet – although I acknowledge the energy we’re now recuperating and the effort and focus required – what I feel is grateful.Beleza Madeline Holly-Sales Glass House WInery

Grateful for the mystery, magic, and amusement of music. 

Grateful for connecting with others through music.

Beleza CD Release Glass House WineryGrateful for the energy and support we receive from listeners and from our students and their families.

It really helps bring into focus the true purpose of teaching, recording, and performing music . . . . to soften, lighten, and brighten our human experience.

A heart wrenching song can touch us as we relate to the pain expressed through the music, softening our own experience in knowing that the emotion is universal.  It also helps move that energy that can have a tendency to get stuck.

Beleza CD Release Glass House

Through rhythm, a lilting melody, humor or a great story told within a tune music can lighten our mood and brighten our perspective.

Beleza CD Release IX

 The biggest compliment we’ve received – besides watching young children actually move and groove to the music – came from an old friend who DJs at WTJU 91.1fm Cville WHAN 102.9fm Richmond.  Bruce said he thinks of  ‘Just for Fun’ as a ‘celebration of life’.

Beleza Children dancing

That warms our hearts 😉

Stay tuned for more fun pictures from the release parties.

Beleza Berto Sales

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