The Power of Storytelling and New Album Song List

The strength and value of storytelling became apparent as we selected songs for this album. Storytelling is used by all cultures for entertainment, education, and cultural preservation. We both have fond memories of family members using improvisation and embellishment to bring characters to life in their tales.

The characters in ‘Just for Fun’ include the mischievous orangutan and sly snake from ‘The Jungle Book’, Nat King Cole’s monkey taking a ride on the buzzard’s back, a Brazilian sailor, a group of dancing and singing water fowl, and ‘all the little birdies on Jaybird Street… hoppin and boppin’.

Ready for the song list?!

Just realizing the timing of the release works well with the coming of Mardi Gras!  Several of these tunes have a New Orleans feel and others are more Brazilian or Caribbean fun just in time for Carnaval!

The Songs:

I Wanna Be Like You – pure ‘Jungle Book’ fun, New Orleans feel (Did you see the video with students, friends and costuming fun?)

Rockin Robin – funky New Orleans style

Li’l Liza Jane – modernized rhythmically and personalized with new lyrics. Also features guest vocalist Erin Lunsford of Erin and the Wildfire in a duet with Madeline

I’ve Been Working on the Railroad – sung as a duet between Madeline and her sister Katie, then spiced up with a Brazilian twist and surprise ‘kitchen jam’

O Pato – whimsical samba about a group of water fowl getting together for a sing along – in Portuguese and English

Marinheiro Só – modernized samba with an electric lounge feel – in Portuguese

Let’s Go for a Ride – a bouncy swing (original tune written by Jeff Decker, lyrics by Madeline)

O Dia – lively samba (original tune written by Berto!) – in Portuguese

Straighten Up and Fly Right – amusing funkified tune about a buzzard trying to throw a monkey off his back!

Trust in Me (The Python Song) – Another ‘Jungle Book’ favorite given a latin twist as a tango mashup which turns to reggae – in English and Spanish

Oooo!  And they are all now available on itunes, Amazon, and CDBaby – or streaming on Spotify.

Hope to see you at one of the release parties!

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