Beleza’s Samba Soul for Both Young and Old 
Jane Norris from The Daily Progress says, ‘Beleza’s walk on the whimsical side became a welcome reminder that play and fun are important parts of all lives.’

“We love music. We feel like it’s joyful, and it has blessed our lives,” Holly-Sales said. “And we want that for other people.”

Beleza is a presenter’s dream. They are delightful and easy to work with and our audience loved their show. Berto’s mastery of the guitar and the complexity of Latin rhythms that he displayed thrilled both guitarists and drummers in the audience. Madeline, who looks and sings like an angel, made eyecatching costume changes throughout the evening and pulled the concert into a thematic whole with her comments on the various phases of love as reflected in her song choices. Gracious and warm, they simply won the hearts of our audience!’ Debra Khouri- Pamlico Musical Society- Oriental, NC

Mike Neely of All About Jazz says:
“Genuine joy and exuberance are rare in recorded music. Combine these emotional qualities with savvy vocals and sophisticated musicianship and you’ve got the beginning of a description of Beleza…”

Global appeal. . . .Chemistry from the start…’ describes Tony Sauro of The Record – Lodi, CA

Vijith Assar with The Hook sat down with Madeline and Berto for an interview. Here’s what they revealed.

Linnea White with Cville Niche says:
The heart and soul of Brazilian music has been filling Charlottesville’s air since 2005. However, for Humberto and Madeline Sales, it all began in Salvador, Brazil, where they met and began playing music together.

Spencer Lathrop with Cville Weekly writes:
Ever fantasize about quitting your office job, leaving town and moving to the beaches of Brazil? Madeline Holly Sales did it. She lived there for three years, studied music and toured with a band.

Dennis DaLuiso with The Stage Cafe at Cville Coffee writes: “Beleza always surprises and satisfies . . .Whether it’s Madeline’s jazz stylings or Berto’s rhythmic and complex guitar handiwork, these two artists are about the best regional performers we are lucky enough to present here. . . .If you are one of the few that hasn’t had the pleasure of an evening with them, you should let them help you drive those [winter] blues away! “