New Album Art – Meet the Artist

When we thought about what kind of visuals we wanted for ‘Just for Fun’, Chicho was the first person who came to mind. He epitomizes the free spirited, whimsical nature we wanted to portray.  He did both the artwork and design for the album. We love it!

'Just for Fun' Design Layout

Originally from Madrid, Spain, Chicho currently resides in Charlottesville, Va and is the artist in residence at the IX Art Park

We love his use of vivid, bold colors. Madeline wrote Chicho to request artwork for the album with an idea to include several of the characters in the stories told through the lyrics.  Fittingly, he included: a buzzard with a monkey on its back, a sailor, water fowl, and the ‘pretty little birds at the bird bandstand’.

Here are a few of his acrylic paintings and a guitar that he carved and painted from our personal collection at home.

Chicho Painting Hair Chicho Painting Guitarist

Chicho Painting Vicente

Chicho Guitar

To learn more about him, visit

Hope to see you at one of the release parties in February !

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