Trust in Me – Video – Jungle Book Snake Song

This song was SO much fun to arrange and record.  I (Madeline) LOVED The Jungle Book as a kid.  My love affair was reignited when I started teaching voice and used the big ‘Disney Fake Book’ with students.  Many of the younger ones weren’t familiar with the 1967 animated movie (the horror).  So I taught them favorites like this one, “I Wan’na Be Like You” and “The Bare Necessities”.

We did go and see the new version of the movie last week.  SO VERY DIFFERENT – obviously.  I almost wish they’d done a different story because I really loved this recent one for completely different reasons.  I found myself missing the light hearted whimsy and MUSIC so integral to the original Jungle Book.

Click on the video and enjoy Kaa, old and new, and some pics from our recent celebrations of the release of  ‘Just for Fun‘.  : )


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